RTF Hope for Life Ministries
Welcome to Restoring the Foundations.  We'd like to introduce ourselves and tell you WHY we are RTF ministers.  

We are Jack and Sharolyn Coldren. – We've been married since 1971, and have 3 adult children, 2 son in-laws and 3 grandchildren so far.  As you can see with the surrounding pictures we are IN LOVE with our grand kids.

Why are we Restoring the Foundation ministers?
We have always been a couple that has sought out things to improve our marriage and bring
FREEDOM for ourselves and HOPE for our future.  This has led us to help others walk in FREEDOM and HOPE and the discovery of their TRUE IDENTITY in CHRIST.  Our passion is to see people get healed and freed and able to see who they are in Christ.  It is awesome to see folks see who they are in Christ.

 We went to an Issue Focused Activation training in 2010 and found ourselves in love with Restoring the Foundations.  I (Jack) being the demonstratee for an Issue Focused Ministry Activation had always battled with rejection.  After the ministry I knew it had been successful.  I waited for 3 months and saw that I continued in my healing.  We then decided to go for it and received Thorough Format Ministry.  Our lives were changed.

 We have not only received Restoring the Foundations (RTF) ministry – we have led many others through the process with great results.   Knowing that the Holy Spirit is our guide we partner with Him and systematically take the ministry receiver through the Restoring the Foundations process.  

In 2013 we served as interns at the International Training Center in North Carolina for 5 months where we were immersed in every aspect of the ministry.   We were able to live in community with those that were coming for training and be a part of the 3 Modules that took place.  
We continue to hone our RTF skills and pray for many, many ministry opportunities.  

 Jack  worked for the State of California youth authority for 19 years and then was an associate pastor for 20 year.  Now we are happy to make Restoring the Foundations our full-time vocation.
We do have lots of experience in helping marriages, life skills, as well as walking through life with people.

 Sharolyn has worked alongside Jack all of these years.  We are a young at heart couple which makes us a perfect match to those seeking FREEDOM and HOPE for the future.  We have always found ourselves finding the treasures within people and helping people to see the gifts within them and the deposit of God within themselves.  

TRAINING OPPORTUNITY!   If you are interested in being TRAINED as A  Restoring the Foundations minister - Jack is a trainer and would love to walk you through the training process with encouragement, skill and patience.  Give Jack a call at 209.985.3080 or email him at JNerdloc@aol.com.

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