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Restoring the Foundations
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RTF Hope for Life Ministries

Restoring the Foundations is a ministry that God called us to in 2010.  After being trained in Issue Focused Ministry and then receiving Thorough Format Ministry we pursued certification as Thorough Format Restoring the Foundation ministers.  We also do Issue Focused Ministry.

Jack and Sharolyn have been married since 1971 and have 3 grown children, 2 sons in-law and 3 grandchildren - Elizabeth, Emma, and Jack. 

We live in Manteca, which is in the central valley of California, and look forward to ministering anywhere and everywhere to those in the Body of Christ. 

Jack was an associate pastor for 20 years at New Hope Church in Manteca and a founding member.  Previous to that he worked for the California Youth Authority for 19 years.  He has done many mission trips to Niger, West Africa and he supports missionary friends who have become like family:  Ron and Jerry Childs, and Neal and Danette Childs from West Africa, and Jason and Kim Benedict from Virginia. 

Jack has served on many boards throughout the years including 8 years on the Manteca Unified School Board, Doctors Hospital of Manteca board, and the Love, INC. board.  

Jack has also served as the Northern California Pastor for Cleansing Stream Ministries.  He and Sharolyn have been involved in Cleansing Stream since 1993.

Jack has a BA degree in Anthropology from Sacramento State College.

Sharolyn is also a founding member of New Hope Church in Manteca she led the women's ministry at New Hope Church for 3 years called Women of Destiny.  Being able to minister to women of all ages at once was a great experience.  She worked as church secretary for many years and the front office of a dental office for 5 years.  She has been involved in home schooling when her children were young, she loves to sew and do various crafts as well as enjoying her grandchildren - Liz, Ems and Jack.

Sharolyn has always worked alongside Jack in areas of counseling and prayer ministry in the past and now concentrates in RTF ministry. 

Restoring the Foundations Ministry Areas 

Restoring the Foundations is a Christian Prophetic Prayer Ministry. We use the Integrated Approach for healing and deliverance.  
Restoring the Foundations provides hope for healing, freedom from life’s deepest struggles, and renewed purpose for living through a personal experience with God's transforming, empowering love.
The ministry has what is called an Integrated Approach.  It includes the 4 areas listed below which are all biblically based.

To prepare yourself for ministry we ask that you purchase the MINISTRY RECEIVER'S PACKET from the RTF website at rtfi.org.  Use our discount code which is COLJ2 for a 5% discount.

To contact Jack and Sharolyn for more information regarding ministry email us at:

Email Jack at JNerdloc@aol.com

Email Sharolyn at SNerdloc@aol.com

~Our fax number is 209.823.6504

~Phone number we can be reached at is 209.985.3080

Monthly Newsletter:  If you are interested in keeping up with us you can send your email address to us and we will add you to our monthly newsletter.  

In 2013 we served at Interns for Restoring the Foundations Headquarters in Hendersonville, North Carolina for 5 months.  It was time of living and breathing RTF and an experience and opportunity we will never forget.  We lived in community with trainees from around the world.  We feel blessed to have had this opportunity. 
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